More than just reviewing the amount of the weekly collection, the Finance Council is established to help the pastoral leadership team guide St. Rita Parish practically and responsibly. The monies entrusted with the parish forms a sacred stewardship bond within the parish, as the Finance Council looks to the future in order to maintain St. Rita on good financial footing. Parish areas of growth -- including but not limited to building and maintenance issues -- are subjects of meetings.

Finance Council members serve at the invitation of the pastor and administrator, being selected due to a love for St. Rita Parish and a professional competency. Please contact a member with a question on the fiscal direction of the parish.

Finance Council Members

Fr. Peter Finney

Yvonne Bayhi

Larry Blanchard

Fred Boyd

Laurie Conkerton

Margaret Cummins

Carlton Dufrechou

Mark Romig

John Conkerton (President)