Offering the Prayer of Faith

The planning of a funeral can be an overwhelming emotional and logistical task. Know that St. Rita Parish is present to assist those preparing for the funeral of a loved one.

Catholic funerals are normally associated with two rites.  One is commonly referred to as the funeral service, which can be conducted within the Mass or apart from it, and the burial service that is conducted at the place of interment.  In these worship services God’s mercy is called down on the deceased person asking that he be saved from eternal death and brought into paradise. 

If you are in need of information regarding funeral services, please contact the Church Office at (504) 866-3621 or consult with the Director of the Funeral Home of your choice.

Funeral Planning Steps

When a loved one has died, what should you do?

  • Contact the Funeral Home of your choice.

  • While with the Funeral Director, contact St. Rita Parish at (504) 866-3621 to determine the availability of a priest to celebrate the funeral.

  • Make sure the Funeral Director sends all pertinent information to St. Rita Parish.

  • Plan to meet with the priest celebrant to plan the liturgy, indicating at that time various preferences, including the inclusion of music.