As a key advisory body, the Pastoral Council is another point of connection between the pastoral leadership team and the parish they minister with. Members serve staggered terms, being both elected by the congregation and appointed by the pastor.

From the St. Rita Pastoral Council Constitution:

The purpose of the Council shall be:
a. to assure the transmission of the Deposit of Faith necessary to our salvation;
b. to work together in the building up of the Body of Christ in this parochial community;
c. to provide more comprehensive channels of communication between clergy, religious, laity, the Christian and secular communities;
d. to further apostolic formation of ourselves and the parish we serve;
e. to provide greater effectiveness and purposefulness as this parish grows in mission and temporalities, this through the ongoing practice of participatory pastoral planning.

Members of the Pastoral Council

Fr. Peter Finney, Pastor

Shanda Theriot, Principal

John Conkerton, Finance Council Chairman

Gary Cusimano, President

Veora Fortin, Vice President

Darryl Schexnayder, Secretary

Ben DeMarais

Lydia Patterson

Louadrian Reed

Please speak to a member of the Council with any concerns or suggestions about the life of faith at St. Rita Parish.