Religious Education Forms

At any level, religious education is done at the feet of Jesus, as growth knowledge occurs effectively only in relationship with Him. At St. Rita Parish we especially want our youth to grow in this relationship, not simply educating them but forming them in the faith.

St. Rita School

The clearest way this is done is through our parochial school. Founded in 1924, St. Rita School continues to educate the children of our area, consistent with the Marianite legacy present throughout the school's history. To learn more about our school, please jump to their website.

School of Religion

Our youth are not just contained to our parochial school, however. For those who attend public or private non-parochial schools, religious education must also be received. Parents are the first and primary educators of the faith, but they can properly receive the aid of the parish in this faith formation.

St. Rita has entered into a partnership with Holy Name of Jesus Parish, allowing youth in our parishes to receive well formed religious education. Please download and fill out a 2018-2019 Registration and turn it in to either St. Rita or Holy Name. If you would like to receive more information, please contact our Church Office at (504) 866-3621.